Website Updates, Sorting, Recently Updated, Servers Page

  • Footer - newest registered servers now display server icon.
  • Footer - correction to footer pagination ( css fixes ).
  • Servers Page - re-designed.
  • Servers Page - Tags are now are visible under server info table.
  • Advanced Filtering - visitors/players can now sort servers by country, players, tags, types etc...
  • User Dashboard - main menu improvements, optimized html and css code.
  • Recently updated servers - Bugfix with recently servers they was resetted on a daily basis.

Server Status, Search box, General fixes

  • Premium members visual improvements.
  • Overall Statistics - votes per hour and players history.
  • Potions page guide how to craft.
  • Sponsored servers have better visual style.
  • Sponsored servers step 2 improvements
  • Newest members at footer now have server icons.
  • When players/visitors click on banner or server title they go to server details page.
  • When players/visitors click on votes they go directly to server vote page.
  • Server ranks improvements visual improvements.
  • Login and forgot password page optimization and style design.

Server Status, Search box, General fixes

  • Error page - fixed a bug on 404 error pages.
  • Voting page - fixed background image rendering.
  • Server Status - Server status improved, offline servers show offline status and server IP.
  • Search Box - Search box is now optimized for google.
  • Server Queries - Query server input is now optional some servers use domain names.

Server Status, Tags, Item ID

  • Item id list page - items are now sorted by id number and names.
  • Users can now select own tags for the server when register.
  • When users login they can now see their server and below statistics.
  • URL improvements on some pages.
  • Server Status - Major update with the ports - port manager.

Top Voters, Commands, ID List, Entities/Mobs and Crafting List

  • Main Menu - Fixed some issues with mobile browsing.
  • Top Voters - We are now tracking Top voters from votifier, and they will be displayed on servers voting page.
  • Minecraft Commands Page - Admin commands, Single Player commands.
  • Minecraft ID List - You can find block ids and you can search by name with more then 594 ids.
  • Entities and Mobs - You can search for entities and mobs by name and id, search box added with more then 59 ids.
  • Crafting List - We have added crafting guide and you can click on items to see how its crafted, very simple.

Voting Links, Country Flags, Game Version

  • Voting Links Guide - Enjin, Weebly, Webs we now provide small guide for voting links.
  • VOTING Links - Once user register we now provide HTML / BB / DIRECT VOTING LINKS.
  • Fixed bug with Upload Banner.
  • Country Flags - also show at server details page.
  • Top voters this month - Initial release.
  • Few improvements with the Votifier.
  • Minecraft version is now automatically pulled.

Facebook, Country Flags

  • Register form - new fields added, more information for players.
  • Country Flag - when user register they can now select their own country.
  • Facebook Fan Page - enjoy our website, like and share with us.
  • Server Rank - we now display server IP, server status online/offline, players online.
  • Minor Bugs - website clean up, voting, lost password, join page and better organized code.
  • Social Media - social icons are now added on servers details page, you can share your server with your friends.

Voting, Ping Protocol, Banner Maker

  • Premium Membership - on purchase premium members now instantly get vote points.
  • 12h Votes - tested and working, players can now vote per 12h.
  • Vote Successful - once players vote successfully, there's a message if they voted or not.
  • Ping Protocol Beta - hostname, motd, server icon, online players.
  • Sticky announcement - all important website information will be now displayed at the top of the website.
  • Banner Maker - Initial release.

Premium, Server Status, Cleanup

  • Premium Servers - fixed minor bug while purchasing Premium Membership.
  • Server Status - Initial release.
  • WWW redirect - all links and website visits are redirected to
  • JS Cleanup - some extra code was removed so website can load and work faster.

Lottery, Sponsored / Related Servers

  • Lottery Page - we have added better styling and we now display servers title, description, banner.
  • Sponsored Servers BETA - servers styles, features, improvements.
  • Related Servers - servers details page now have related servers according to their tags and categories.
  • Upload Banner - owners can now upload 468x60px banners with maximum size 500kbs.
  • Lottery Page - 3 random servers will be picked each month and they will get 1 month Free Premium Membership.

Promotion, Rules

  • Promotion page - owners can now get free 30 days premium membership.
  • Fixed small issue with servers screenshots - there's still a known problem.
  • Rules - we have added rules on registration page, once you register you automatically agree with our rules.
  • Vote rank numbers are now centered - tested and working on most popular devices.
  • Main Menu is now sticky - even if scroll down menu features are always with you.

Initial release, Improvements

  • Newest Members are now listed at the bottom of the page.
  • Added Modal box to Login button at the top.
  • Added up to top button.
  • Fixed Minor bugs, styles and design improvements.
  • Initial release.