Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a collection of minecraft servers in ranking order, it helps players choose the server they are looking for. This also helps websites to gain more visitors.

Login to your account and click on "VOTE CODE", or you can visit your server details page and you will find all Voting codes.

  • HTML code - you can place to your website HTML source or on any blog that is alowing HTML code.
  • BBCode - is for forums, signatures or even some blogs.
  • LINK code - direct voting url, can be used for facebook, twitter etc...

Once you register a new server you need to wait few minutes untill our system visit the IP and give results, this is updated every 10 minutes. If your website is offline we will revisit the next 10 minutes.

We reset all votes to 0 the 1st of each month. Also if we find that your server is cheating the voting system we will reset the votes. You can vote for a server twice per day each 12 hours.

We could not make a connection ping to your server as it either has been refused or the connection ping has timed out. This can also be due to a firewall or routing issue. If your server has been brought back online since it was reported offline when it actually was, it may also be due to your server not being updated yet.

Sponsored servers are servers that have purchased a premium slot above the main list on the homepage. Sponsored servers are displayed at the top on the first page of the site for a whole month, also at the top of search results, their country pages, tag pages and version pages (if they fits the criteria).

When we suspect a server is cheating, we reset the votes. If the server continue we will ban from the toplist.

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We do NOT support Hamachi / Cracked servers.
Owners are not allowed to tell visitors/players that server is running on cracked mode.
If you really wanna play Minecraft, support their developers and buy the game. MINECRAFT OFFICIAL

We are not affiliated with Minecraft. All rights reserved goes to Minecraft and Mojang.
We only display servers information on our website, we do not host servers.

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