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AttackPVP. The Greatest Factions Server Ever. - What are we We are a Factions 1.8.8 Minecraft server with important and useful plugins, such as Obsidian Destroyer, Auctions, Factions, and mcMMO. - Why us We provide lightning-fast hardware to enhance your Minecraft experience, which means no more lag while PvPing. We are not a server run by 14-year old inexperienced kids. We are professional, experienced Minecraft server owners, ready to provide you with the best Factions server there is. - Features mcMMO - No more Overpowered players running around, the skills are balanced Factions - Create a team of friends and conquer the server Big Shop - Buy and sell tons of different items Tokens - Earn tokens and spend them on valuable items ObsidianDestroyer - Blow up obsidian in 3 hits Auctions - Auction off your items for money - Donating and Voting You can help out AttackPVP by donating at, where you can view and buy all of our available packages. You can vote for us by going to and clicking the voting links. - Join us Additional Notes AttackPVP Everything you need for a perfect Factions server.

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