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GALACTICMC BETA Factions Skyblock More to come Server for Success GalacticMC is a new server dedicated to bringing you the best experience we can possibly give By playing on our server, you give us a reward for months of hard work to release our server. If you donate, it will allow us to expand and grow to allow planned gamemodes and features to be added. Factions Our factions gamemode runs on MassiveCrafts Factions plugin, with some custom-coded goodies. We use a modified version of Infinicrate, which is a very fancy crate plugin to reward our players for voting for our server We also use a custom-coded plugin named BossBox, which spawns mob-themed crates around the Factions world with donator-tier goodies inside SkyBlock Our skyblock gamemode runs on ASkyBlock with many custom plugins to enhance your playing experience. With a GUI shop, you can sell your cactus you made from your giant cactus farm to become the richest player on the server Interact with others and create an island high above the void, but be sure to not fall off Planned GamemodesFeatures If you donate, we will be able to add these features ShardsCoins For our minigames, you will be able to earn Shards and Coins, the two currencies the minigame part of our server will run on. With shards, you will be able to deposit them in a vault with other players. If enough shards are in the vault, a 2x booster will be activated for a couple hours. With coins, you can purchase cosmetic items as well as new kits in games. Melee A five minute minigame in which you have to rack up as many kills as possible. You can earn both Shards and Coins from this game. Galaxy Wars Our most ambitious project on the server You will be able to shoot lasers at your foes, fly spaceships, and shoot down others in this twist on SkyWars Your Suggestions We are always taking new suggestions for everything Galactic-related on our website, Donate to us You can donate to our server at Donation funds will go directly to server projects to help us grow our network. What are you waiting for Join GalacticMC today

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