••═══════๑☆๑═══════•• All rules in the server apply at all times and in all places. If you break a rule you will usually receive an automated warning from one of the bots. If you break the rules multiple times you will be banned. Report any issues to moderators as soon as possible. #reports ••═══════๑☆๑═══════•• No NSFW content! Any form of pornography/nudity or excessively vulgar posts are not allowed. ••═══════๑☆๑═══════•• Keep this a friendly & welcoming server. Swearing is okay, but let's try and keep it PG-13. No toxicity, spam, or drama, any of these will get you punished or banned. No hate speech, racism, or any super offensive content. ••═══════๑☆๑═══════•• No Advertising! Posting invites will get you auto-banned by bots Be careful :)! ••═══════๑☆๑═══════•• Use appropriate channels. Do not use channels for something other than their intended purpose. ••═══════๑☆๑═══════•• Use Common Sense. Do not do something you think is wrong, we're here to have fun ! Enjoy your stay! ••═══════๑☆๑═══════••

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