Cyclopean is a friendly semi-vanilla survival server with the goal of long term players and projects in a survival world. Make friends and join a player community or set off on your own adventure. Age 18+ suggested as chat is not moderated 24/7. You are free to play how you want with little staff interference. However griefing and unwanted player killing are not permitted. The server utilizes coreprotect to roll back only an offending players actions without disrupting the entire server. We plan to update to major releases when stable without world reset. If you have any suggestions, problems or questions please leave them on the Discord. If you are looking for a server with the aim of a HermitCraft like community, please join. - hard difficulty - treasures respawn per player over time - chat features local chat, ignore - 1/4 of players needed to skip the night or storm - /slime? to find slime chunks - safe player trading with /trade playername

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