Exile Factions RANKUP McMMO

Exile Factions Features Ranks that are purchasable using in-game currency rankup. Donator ranks that you do not require to have a good experience. Rewards for voting for the server on various websites. Unique design, style. Original Factions gamemode. You are able to fly in your own Faction territory, making building much easier. Backstory The server was founded a while back, under the name of Prime Factions, which somewhat collected some good reputation. The server was shutdown although, due to financial problems as the server is almost completely not Pay to Win. The server has been revamped now, Ive worked harder on it than with the previous version and the results are visible in my opinion haha. The server looks sleeker, is packed with many cool features that never saw daylight in the previous server. I strongly suggest checking out what we have to offer, its understood that everything has room to be made even better, but thats the point, no D

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