PetraPvP was born when a group of dedicated faction players and PvPers banded together. By combining our years of Minecraft skills and experience from various servers, weve created a community with a gaming experience like no other. Whether youre here to build a faction empire or PvP with friends and foe in the arenas our server is sure to give a one of a kind experience you cant pull away from. httpsyoutu.berMyHTGFO4M0 Outposts We believe this to be the highlight of the reset Outposts are much like KOTH, in that factions will have to capture an outpost and fight to keep it. Once youve captured an outpost, your faction will benefit from perks such as Potion effects, higher sell prices for drops, and lower buy prices for select items. These perks will remain until the outpost has been taken by another faction. Faction Fly has been added to rankup V. - Theres been endless requests for fly to be attainable in-game, and now were pleased to deliver Crop Hoppers Welcome to the life of ease Crop hoppers can be placed at any Y in a chunk, and will collect all falling drops such as cactus within the entire chunk bedrock to sky limit. Spawners removed from levelling system Majority vote was to abolish the spawner placement restrictions and now theyre gone Anyone can place any spawner at any level. Echests PVs The echest and PV confusion will be resolved once and for all You will join with a normal echest, and PVs will be obtained through levelling up. One Custom Genned Map - Popular vote was to remove the four small maps. We now have 1 Custom Genned 10k x 10k map. Player Balance Removed From F Top - Your player balance will no longer count toward your factions f top worth. This will prevent alt balance hoarding and make raiding more profitable, as all of a factions worth will be raidable. 1.8 Physical Border - No more border glitches we now have a physical border. Sand stacking against the border will not work. 2 Chunk Buster Tweak - Chunk Busters will no longer be so finicky. They will work placed anywhere in your faction land. This will make them easier to use for trenching near your claim ends but keep this in mind when building your base. Chunk busters will still destroy 3 chunks in all directions so make sure your base is at least one chunk inside your claims to avoid someone using a chunk buster nearby to get into your base. They will still have to be placed within the users claimed land, but will destroy up to 16 blocks outside of users claim. Mob Stacking - We are implementing a mob stacking plugin, to reduce player and server lag due to massive mob grinders. Crate Revamp - Crates will be revamped to suit the economy. New Factions Plugin - Youll notice a more user friendly faction plugin this reset with faction commands more traditional to other servers. Gapple Crapple Cooldown - Weve put an end to PvPers incessant munching, with a cooldown on both Gapples and Crapples. New Builds - Last but certainly not least, we know youll be excited to see some new builds this map New Spawn PvP Arena Wild Spawn and 3 impressive Outpost builds. Battle-it-out with your choice of 10 different kits in our PVP arenas- party style, 1v1, or 2v2- rest assured that our solid anti-cheat delivers a non-frustrating match up. Enjoy our unique and non-monotonous faction play when you utilize features such as -Sand, cobblestone, and obsidian gen buckets to reduce base work time. -3x3, 11x11, or chunk busters to lessen mining time. -Sell wand and sell hand makes selling a breeze Custom c-eggs make raiding more profitable. Our unique map and spawner drops add an interesting twist. We hope youll come by and experience it all for yourself

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