Baker Factions - Lets Get This Bread 1.12.2 USA

This is Baker Factions, kick some a and get that bread. You first spawn on Baker Islands with a starter kit. Go out, get some stuff, and sell it at the Market. Once you get that bread , head over to Baker Plaza and grab whatever you want. The protection zone goes out far into the ocean until you pass the red border, so use your supplied boat of choice to paddle out and find land. Travel far so other Factions cant find you easily. A bunch of things are down in the protected ocean waters like secret discounted item shops, underground caves, parkour maps, and Factions PVP arenas. See if you can find them all. Our server is about surviving on your own or with a team, building your base, fighting other Factions, and climbing to the top of the leaderboards. Claim your land and protect your base. The more you fight other Factions, the stronger and larger you can make your base. Use TNT to raid other Factions bases, learn how to protect your base on YouTube. More info The server will be constantly updated and expanded with new features as we progress. Any donations are appreciated, our VPN is very cheap so anything helps Contact JC0DY on Discord if you would like a Donation Rank with some extra features and a chance at some in-game prizes. Features Factions - Create a team and build a base. Fight other Factions and add new members to gain power and protect your land. Parkour - Random parkour maps will be around and under Baker Islands. Complete them and submit a screenshot to our Discord channel for an in-game reward. Votifier - Vote for our server to receive a Crate Key for in-game prizes. More info DailyRewards - Claim your Daily Reward by typing reward into chat every 24 hours. Plugins Factions, Essentials, Vault, Anti-Xray, HealthBar, Votifier, InsaneMobs2, ServerMiniMap, DailyRewards, Crate Keys

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