There are two servers and the game mode is Survival with plugins, and those two servers will stay that way there might be added more game modes on separate servers, on the same network.. There may or may not be a spawn, it depends a lot on the community. You see, I got the idea to make a public version and a trusted version of ONE server The idea is simple You first join the public server and stay there for at least two to three weeks, when we feel we can trust you and we know you are not just gonna wreckgreif everything, you will be told that you can make an application for the whitelisted server. You can, however, choose to stay on the public server. Explanation needed The servers are one, which means you can find a spot where you wish to put down a build or baseif we can integrate it. And there are backpacks which are shared between servers BackPacks Purpose Every toolwhit enchants can be put in a backpack. Every blockthe ones you decide to put in the backpack before the transfer from the public to the private server Anything that can be put in a chestinventorythat is put in a backpack mcMMO It also transfers whit you, all of it. I dont know where this will lead yet, other than Survival. There may be more upgrades but for a year and a half, it will be ONLY Survival with plugins.

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