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Welcome to the realm of Aethier and our friendly community --A medieval and high fantasy Roleplay server-- What are the towns like Let me tell you We have Stormfall, the lovely spawn city, where the queen and Crown Guard reside. There is Spirit Tree and the main hospital on the server, here the Arvoras Ascended find their home and line of work it is also a home to most of our Sinnehliv friends. Then we have Fort Katherine, a large fortified settlement in the middle of our continent it is a home to many and welcomes people new to the lands. Come and explore to find many other towns and settlements What type of people will you meet There are all types of people on the server, both out of and in character. In character, the races youll find are humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, sinnehlivs, lirram and syrien. You may be thinking, what are some of these Let me explain some of the last ones. Sinnehlivs are plant people, lirram are humans that were mixed partially with animals, and syrien are mermaids. How do you purchase things The currency is called Arunes. You can get Arunes both in character by being paid and out of character by voting for our server. Arunes can be used to purchase emeralds to buy items from villager shops or to purchase items from our auction house and more exclusively, the black market. Alright, now how do I log on First off, here is our website Currently, you have to log onto the forums and fill out a whitelist application. A whitelister should respond to it soon and ready to help. Alternatively, our server is greylisted meaning that you can log on, but wont be able to fully interact with things. You will start off on a place called Tutorial Island, a place to introduce you to our server. On that island, you can meet people from our community and others that havent become a full member of our community too To become a full member, talk to others. They will let us know when you are ready to join in and be moved from the greylist to the whitelist. The IP addresses Main network Remebers which server you were last connected to. Hub Server Roleplay Server Connect directly and only to the RP server Survival Server Coming soon. Our Server is a 15 and older server because of some of the content on here. We keep the cursing and references to a minimum, but it cant be fully avoided.

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Version BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.12.x
Players 15/250
Last Ping 5 minutes ago
Country United States United States
Rank 17
Votes 37
Submitted 2015-09-12 19:16:24

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