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Civilized Survival  Towny  mcMMO  Jobs  Ranks

Welcome to Civilization Survival Here at Civilization Survival we offer our players a bunch of unqiue, cool, and enjoyable features which will take your playing experience to a whole new level. We offer a range of plugins that will keep you entertained for hours at a time. We dont believe in a Finish so when we implement new features, or edit current features, we strive to ensure that there is no way to finish, so you the player will never run out of things to do. Our main feature or plugin if you may, would of course be Towny. Towny is a plugin similar to factions, but it takes out the raiding part and adds in a whole bunch of new features. With towny you can either create, your own town and maintain your own town, or join someone elses town. Most people join other players towns though, and that is a great start to a good story. It is essential for a player to have the right resources before starting a town, so we recommend you join a town when you first join the server, and then when you feel like you have enough resources you can either create your town or work up the ranks of your own town. We have an awesome ranking system aswell, so if you have some money laying around you can rankup. Ranks give many cool perks and bonuses, and they are completely free. It will not be easy once you get closer to the last rank though, so prepare for a long ride. You can see a list of ranks, costs, and perks by using the command ranks, or you can check on our forums adf.ly1eVGhY. If you do not feel like starting slow, you can donate to support the server. Donating will give you some perks that you can get for free, and some that are not obtainable through in-game succession. It is not required to donate, but it certainly helps, especially if you are a competitive person. We have a plugin called McMMO and it basically gives minecraft an MMO feel, hence he name Minecraft MMO Long name. You can level up various skills, and there is no cap at all, so you can grind a certain skill to your hearts content, or you can level up multiple skills, and become a master in many areas. A big part of mcmmo is the leaderboards, and is going to be a major part on Civilization Survival. The leaderboards for mcmmo are viewed by using the command mctop or mctop Skillname E.g mctop mining. This will show you a list of the top 10 people with the highest levels in that skill. Powerlevel is the main focus as it shows all of a players skills level put together, which is why it is such an important leaderboard. One of the most important things to do when starting off on Civilization Survival, is to get 2 jobs. Jobs is the main way to get money, and will be vital from the get go. The higher level your jobs the higher you are paid. You are limited to 2 jobs, though once you reach the rank Arch-duke you can join 3 at a time. If you feel like donating, you can also get many more jobs at once. The Civilization Survial staff plan on introducing various new jobs in the near future. We are strict with staff, so if you have a problem with a certain staff member, or if you think she is doing something wrong or against the rules, be sure to use the forums to report him or her. Though you will need screenshot of hard evidence before we can even look into your case. We will regularly do Sales on donations so be sure to watch the forums to see when our upcomming sales will be, because you DO NOT want to miss out of great opportunities We, the Civilization Survival staff team hope yo see you in game as soon as possible

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