JOIN OUR DISCORD ON discord.gge5RznJv Hello, i am the owner of and i recently have opened up a server which includes Factions, PvP, Raid, and Economy. This server isnt a server where anyone can get op items. Everyone has to farm, mine, slay and fight to achieve what they want which brings a point to this server. On the personal side, I am Mevi, i have been playing minecraft for 4 years now and took a break for a year cause of studies however i am completely free now and i have been and will continue to work on my server to perfect it so you guys can enjoy your time on the server PS We made 5 bases under the faction name, Bases, with the 5th one being the best. Find them before anyone else does PS We are looking for people who can build a parkour course OUR SERVER HAS RULES 1 - No AbuseStaff. Any type of abuse will lead to demotion. 2 - No Excessive Irritation towards other Staff MembersStaff. Same goes for players, and vice-versa. 3 - Treat others how you want to be treated, ie. If you are a horrible person. Dont expect to be accepted. 4 - Do not beg for staff. It is really annoying to have to deal with people who only join the server to become a part of the staff team. 5 - Do not spam chat or post anything inappropriate. This will result in a temp-mute followed by a ban. 6. HACKING is a direct perm ban. 7. Make sure to have fun and report any bugs or commands that should be fixed at warp bugs.

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