Hi Player Welcome for stumbling across Astral Prison This is a slightly OP-Prison We use custom plugins and configure plugins ourselves The Owner is an active reassuring and caring guy Come on and join our uprising community Please be aware that this server is currently in Beta, and will soon enough be in Alpha We need Beta testers The first 10 players will get a tag for free We ARE currently looking for staff, but you will automatically be denied if your playtime is NOT above 5 hours of playtime There is going to be a 75 opening sale until 1 month of the opening Please refer bugs or issues on the Discord that will be in links on the server You can also report bugs and issues to Staff online or on the forums We use a custom staff plugin. The server is abouot 70 done in Beta currently, but we are coming close into finishing the Beta Currently, we do not have a lot of staff, that is why we want active and dedicated players for our staff team You can do buy to donate to ur server for the small price starting at 2.50 and getting prizes in game You can get awesome prizes from the custom crates thhe Owner has setup Mentioning crates, the Owner has also generously added the small chance to win a free Donor rank from the crates When you join the server, please be nice to other server players and staff Make sure to do rules before starting your adventure into the great beyond of Astral As a regular player you can do help for a list of commands you will be able to use Remember to do menu as well for cool stuff Leave comments about the server and suggestions on the forums or on the discord chat You can message the Owner on discord too if he is not online, he will try to reply to as many comments as he can, but if you spam him, he will block you. This server also has custom builds, such as the spawn, the warp shop, the parkour, and the mines Please do not break any of the blocks if world regioning isnt configured properly Remember Do not abuse or exploit any bugsglitches Do lanterns to get cool stuff from collecting SeaLanterns in warp Mineparty with a SilkTouch pickaxe that you can win from thhe Mystic ad Exotic Crates The Owner may be a kid, but he WILL be strict when accepting and denying staff applications, so do not make a Staff Application that is not very detailed If he thinks it lacks detail, he WILL deny it Thank you for taking your time reading this, and enjoy your stay at Astral Prison

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