Reborned II

Reborned II is a new faction server which strives for players to have the best faction experience. We wanted to distinguish ourselves from the usual mini-games and survival that has invaded the servers. this server is online 247 and worldwide. The faction server is accompanied by a cool new ranking system humans Myths this ranking system allowes playes to earn money and experience by Using the SpecialZones Citadel and FairyMines. Each rank it has its own uniqe strengths. Humans are great for combat and they can take lots of punishment and myths are more peacful and are great for mining and exploring. We have an Amazing team of staff which are always willing to help no matter how small or big the problem we also have great players from all over the world. we Hope you are feeling dangerous and ready for war on our new factions server. Some of the features are. -mcmmo -ranking system Humans Myths -faction wars -Daily Events includes Splatter and parkour. A nationality option is also added so that when you first join you can pick your nationality and it shows in game where you are from. The ranking system includes Humans and Mythicals -Humans have two types of affinities 1 Tank Tanks get an additional 4 hearts. 2 Warriors Warrior has enhanced strength. Humans special Zone is the Citadel -Myths affinities include 1 Goblin Goblins have Super Speed. 2 Dwarf Dwarfs have accelerated mining. Myths Special Zone is FairyMines The ranks have multiple levels and dedicated zones to help you earn money and level your rank up. These zones allow you to gain nether stars to buy crate keys. Faction wars are a fun and competitive game mode where factions go head to head and battle it out to see who the best of them all are. The best part is you wont lose any of your hard get gear. IP I hope you are feeling Dangerous

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