Proton Prison

Proton Prison Hello i am HenryHoover owner of ProtonPrison, i am here today to tell you a bit about us and why we decided to start this. To start off currently have a staff team of 7 people with 3 active developers working on the server almost all the time. We launched this server on the 4th day of having it and realising that we had a lot of bugs and issues to fix we currently have put the server on beta release. We are now fixing things up for full release and implementing cool plugins such as votepartys, gangs, crates, tokens and a whole lot more We have some really OP kits with only donator ones being the highest however you do have a very rare chance of winning them from crates. If you do end up coming and checking out the server, please take your time to vote as it helps you through the first couple of stages of ranking up and gives you some vote crate keys to gain better gear We are really wanting to start this community and get it going so if you would like to join along for the ride the links you need are below IP Store Discord discord.ioprotonprison

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