The Vanilla Community - Survival Creative

The Vanilla Community - Survival  Creative

Great Community - Spigot - Latest Version, Survival And Creative Server IP Hi, guys Thank you for taking time out of your schedules to check out what we have in store for the common MC player So basically we run a 247 Spigot Vanilla MC Server created in hopes of just sitting back and relaxing in a peaceful and kind communityenvironment. Goal After a couple of rough patches with another MC community, we have set out to make the perfect community ran by the people for the people. So what we offer to you all is a good old fashioned MC community to sit back have fun, crack jokes, build a lot, survive with, and become good friends with. We wont hassle you with all the rules of traditional communities, we simply will give 100 trust in you all because we believe most people around here are looking to have a fun time. Content So the name The Vanilla Community represents our group of MC players. What we have to offer is a Spigot server running the 2 gamemodes Survival and Creative with a built in Warp system . Once you are accepted please feel free to join our Discord for help with anything. Simple Rules We run the Honor System around here, dont lie - Well keep it as original as possible - We give second chances if you do wrong we will hear you out and give you another chance to redeem yourself - Bans are decided by Staff - PVP Is Allowed - Griefing Is Allowed - No Malicious Hacks To Hurt The Server Integrity Or Staff - Any other rules can be decided by the community or you can ask for my executive opinion Extra Info We have a Discord server that is hooked in with our MC server for seamless chat between the two Users will be provided an invite when accepted. Ok, any other questions feel free to PM me Please Share Our Server Info NOTE If you are still confused on our goal just read this to get a sense of what we mean just Ask Staff RULES NOTE We also ask that you give people their space and privacy where needed and try your hardest to help others, also feel free to use mods.Thank You

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