| Friendly Minecraft Survival for all!

-+- FamilyMC -+- Who are we? We are a new server as of 4/13/2020. We're specifically the game mode, "Survival". Our server strives to bring together a community that everyone loves to be apart of. With that being said, our server will not tolerate any toxic behavior from anyone. What do we offer? We offer Vanilla Game-play. There are a few features that help with the multiplayer side of things, such as /sethome, /tpa. Our main feature would be "Land Claiming", aka Anti-Grief. We allow players to claim their land. Claiming land requires "Claim Blocks". We provide these to players in multiple ways, making claiming very easy for everyone. Why join us? The main reason(s) you should join FriendlyMC is because of what we strive for. We want to allow friends, friends of friends, familiess, all of the above, to enjoy Vanilla Minecraft. As said before, we will not tolerate anyone who doesn't follow our rules. Our rules are frequently updated as needed. Info: Discord - IP - Don't the numeric IP fool you. IP'S have nothing to do with how good a server is! We're getting a domain IP soon! Join our discord to stay updated! friendly Minecraft survival for all!

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