KasperMC Prison

Hello ladies and gentlemen. For those who dont know I am Flub one of the server owners of KasperMC Prison. We are a new server that is just about to open up and we welcome you and all your friends to join. We are a high-end prison server where you can compete with others to rankup and gain your respect throughout. Our server is a very custom server containing mods where you can do some of the following Mine blocks and rank up all the way from Mine 1 - 50 Create plots and store items or create a home for you and your friends Enchant tools with custom enchants such as NightVision, Fly, Haste, and other misc enchants MysteryCrates where you can get keys to use on crates and get random rewards Vote daily to receive in-game rewards MCMMO is installed so you can rankup almost any skill Donate to us and recieve in-game perks and rewards

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