Hello there Here on RAWPvP.apexmc.co we have Crazy Envoy which will keep pvp just outside of spawn a little bit more intresting, what it does is that it drops down 3 diffrent type of chests, basic, lucky and titan, in these chests there are a big veraity of items that you can get by right clicking on the chest. But bear in mind, this only happens once every hour Crazy Crates is a plugin what we also use, in short terms, you need to vote to get the first key, which is called noble key and in the Noble Crate we have a godlike key which you can get through opening the noble create and in the godlike create, thats where all the juciy stuff are. You can mine any spawner that you can find with a silktouch pickaxe, which makes gaining xp a lot easier If any of these plugins sounds intresting come join us at RAWPvP.apexmc.co We hope to see you in-game

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