Project-MC: The Survival Experience You've Been Looking For.

Project-MC The Minecraft Experience You've Been Looking For. Mission Statement Project-Mc is a refined and well though minecraft server who's main focus is, and always has been, the experience of its players. With an administrative team that has over a decade of server running experience, along with a custom plugin developer, Project-MC tries its best to accomodate and actively change the server to best fit the feedback it recieves from its players. We find that there is a lack of servers that have a genuine survival experience, without overwhelming players with features and a push to donate to get features you otherwise cannot. We aim to make a community that enjoys the simplicity of survival, but with the joys of multiplayer and creating a community. Gameplay Project-MC has developed into an economy based survival experience, with added features to have fun. You can earn money by time spent on the server, killing mobs, selling items at the shop, or by creating your own market and selling items to other players. With this money, you can progress through the ranking system, which allots you new permissions and features. You can also use this money to get temporary permissions to assist you in builds. Features are constantly being added, all of which will revolve around the economy. Features Testing all plugins and making sure they work properly is a top priority for our team. Going through some of the more popular plugins, such as Towny, Factions and Jobs, our administrative team found that these plugins overcomplicate gameplay, leading to exploits and issues, and have a ton of back end issues that the common player does not see. For this reason, we use GriefPrevention for claiming purposes. We have tons of features to make your gameplay fun, such as Guilds, Chest Shop, MythicMobs, Bloodmoon, Quests and many more. Our plugin developer is actively working on custom plugins that will not only help the administrative staff, but will also make the gameplay easier and more enjoyable for players. Additional Information With one of the most important things to us being community engagement, we have developed a websites, as well as a discord server for players to interact, ask questions and get more involved with the team. You can join our website, , to apply for ranks, ask questions to the staff team, or just chat with players about whats happening on the server. Our discord server, which has channels that you can use to chat, share music, or discuss whats happening in your life, can be joined by the following link: We hope to see you joining us on our server experience, and hope to build this server into a comfortable place that people look forward to playing on with their friends everyday. Credits: w8osec, killerprincess7,Goofy_bandit, Drexxel, Hypernova

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