Gekyume's SMP [Whitelisted]

Click the link below to join the whitelist: Gekyume's SMP is a Survival Multiplayer server that records for Youtube and TikTok. The server is for the enjoyment of others and the people participating on the server. It is a small server, so we are looking for only people who want to be loyal and join our server often. If you are looking to join a funny and serious Minecraft server, then this might be just for you. We have a discord server, so if you are accepted into the server, you will receive a link to the discord server. Rules 1.) No Griefing. - If a creeper explodes someone else's contraption or base, leave a sign and try to fix the damage. - Do not build on someone else's base without their permission. Signs are okay. 2.) No cheating or hacking. - If you are suspected of using hacks then you will be suspended or banned from the server. 3.) Don't steal - This one is pretty obvious. Just don't take anyone's things.

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