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Zareus was established March 10th, 2020 for the purpose of bringing fun and joy to the minecraft community by bringing together friends and family to search and destroy their fellow enemies and overtake their lands and loot. Our server has setup different plugins to help aid in your success on Zareus. Keep your eyes in the air for the envoy that drops awesome gear! But be careful as the envoy only drops in Warzones and players must fight to the death to win the contents inside! Don't feel like killing people or getting blood all over your new designer shoes? Then head over to our parkour maps ranging from "easiest" to "expert" and win money to help purchase better gear! Don't feel like donating to get crate keys to get insane kits, titles or ranks? Don't worry! Top monthly voters are handsomely rewarded with a choice of 3 of what they would like at the end of the month, whether that be a lot of money, the turtle title (7 more to choose from), or 1 of the 6 ranks that the owner chooses at random! Features: -Envoys -Multiple ways to earn money and get kits -Auctions -Factions PvP -ChunkMiner (To make quick faction bases) -Crazy vote rewards (get lucky enough to win donor ranks or even gear!) -Custom Enchantments

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