What the server has to offer: • 1.15.2 based survival • New world with no grief • Mobarena /ma (waves of mobs) • Music (jukebox themed /music) • Mcmmo (ability to level up skills) • Extra Head Drops (sellable with /sellhead) • In game shop (including repair/enchant signs) • 1.8 combat mechanics (1.9 sucks) • One person sleep (only one person needs to sleep to make it day) • Random teleport (overworld only /rtp) • Plots with Creative and World-edit (donators get access to more plots) • 1,000,000 block world border • Rewards for bug reports • Rewards for recommending a player to the server • Marriage plugin (if you join as a couple or meet someone in game) • Money drops for fishing, mining and hunting • Land claims (/kit gshovel) • Player trading (with /trade) • Advanced mob transporting • Free rank for voting (lasts 24h). This gives you /fly (in the Overworld and Nether), 1 vote Voucher per vote (claim $12,500 per voucher), 5 emeralds, 10 diamonds, 10 experience bottles as well as /bye, /hello and /highfive, /muder and /eliminate emotes (with /em) What makes us different? • Everything is made to be fair, and whilst donators will receive a variety of extra features it doesn’t unfairly impact the gameplay of others or give them an unfair advantage in any way, it is intended for those who want to help out the server and are interested in the extra features (every donation puts towards improving the experience for everyone) • The server was made with the entire purpose for players to be free and to enjoy themselves, this is why we are open to any suggestions for things you would like to see and you can let us know on the serve discord: they are always appreciated! • We don’t have any unfair regulations or rules that make it easy for players to get into trouble or feel like they always have to be careful, they are simply there as guidelines to prevent drama and prevent other problems from occurring and to make sure that everyone gets along with each other. • Most importantly the server is designed for the players to play however they like (as long as this means they are not breaking the rules or cheating), the server is revolved its community, we want you as the player to shape the server and we will do anything we can to improve the experience! If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask me on discord (ShadowBran26#5162)

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