This server is a somewhat a WIP, as we go along we will add new features from your suggestions!This server tries to focus on the survival aspect of Minecraft with no added features that will alter the vanilla experience except for the shop and auction house.You start with 600 claim blocks, 2 /sethomes and the ability to auction 10 listings on the auction house at once, these can be altered with purchases made on our store. All donations go towards the servers upkeep, I want this server to be funded by those who enjoy it. I rent the server semi-annually meaning i pay for 6months at a time this will run out on August 25th of this year so there is no need for worry about the server being closed down anytime soon.I want this server to be community ran and i will happily listen to suggestions and requests made by each of you and take them into consideration and share my opinion as well.The /wild command will teleport you up to 100k blocks away from spawn hopefully this will prevent people from claim land too close to you and give you that alone feeling

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