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SpawnShop, we welcome you to a community shop where this adds the grinding and farming aspect to the game, as you can sell the items you gather to the shop for money which is using essentials. Wild There is a plugin that you can do wild which will tp you to a random location in the wilderness, once youve found your base we have a plugin embedded in called homes, where you can sethome upto three homes you can have. Kits The server has two sets of kits which is Daily and Weekly, each one requires tools and armour to help you start off at the beginning, as we know minecraft can be tedious. PvPPvE There is plenty for you to kill whether its a wave of zombies, or the pterodactyl when you dont sleep for 3 nights they come out to killhaunt you. Along side of that you have players to fight against, being respectable is key but killing others is definitely fine to do A server to make friends and chill No stress and just enjoy yourself on this server, updates will happen regularly and plugins can be added at players request

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