AuraScape is brand-new and unique medievalroleplay experience With loads of custom crafting recipes and unique items that arent in Vanilla Miinecraft, youre sure to find a new tool or armour kit that takes your fancy. Quests Talk to most NPCs in the game and you will be given all sorts of fun and rewarding quests to complete, ranging from simply catching fish, to large quest-lines that take you on crazy adventures Race selection Choose between being a Human, Dwarf, Orc, or Elf Each comes with their own custom kit and McMMO perks to use to your advantage whilst building your empire in-game Become a Knight, Lord, King, Emperor, or even Wizard of the realm with our ranking system that gives each rank so much more to offer with every upgrade The server has loads of plugins to help make it more player-friendly and overall enjoyable, such as McMMO, Towny, RPGHealth, Citizens, Brewery, Chairs, Lore, Lockette, SilkSpawners and so much more

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