Why Atheros524 We have 4 different game modes-creative, factions, skyblock, and survival with Arc-City- that you will no doubt enjoy playing. Our server is family friendly, has a 247 uptime, and we have an ideal staff team- cooperative, helpful, and friendly. Along with these, we have many features such as marriage, protected plots, real-estate, and even an economy. Not only do we have so many features but, many perks can be unlocked without paying money. Just by voting, worldedit can be unlocked for 24 hours, in game money can be obtained and ranks can be unlocked. No matter what rank a player is, every player is treated equally. Lastly, we have an exclusive resource pack. Youre probably thinking, so many servers have creative and so what makes this server different We have large plots, 150 blocks by 150 blocks, that allow you to let your creativity become a passion. We have build contests where players can build anything, ranging from pixel art to dragons to cities, and can compete against fellow players to win the competitions. In factions, players are able to create their own kingdom or empire and go to war with other factions, or clans. Make enemies with other factions or even become allies, the decision is up to you. Collect resources to expand your faction and evolve through time. Customize your faction with a name, description, ranks, power, and more Skyblock, a classic mode of playing survival minecraft, is where you start out with an island with very limited resources. From this island, you are able to expand and create a huge island, farms, and houses. If you mess up on your island, not to fret. The skyblock portion of the server provides its own shop where you can purchase spawn eggs, food, blocks, and much more Last but definitely not least, Arc-City. Arc-City is a city which players have created with skyscrapers and much more Feel free to take a shopping spree at the mall or player shops Or you can even go looking for a house to buy. At the bank, players are able to sell specific items that they have found or collected while playing on the server. These items include but are not limited to pumpkins, diamonds, emeralds, and lapis lazuli.

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