SociPeri is a Community Focused, Family-Friend Server. Looking for players and friends to add to our community Name SociPeri is a compound of Latin words meaning Community Experience. Our main goal is to provide a place that people can either bring their friends to or come and make new ones. Meanwhile we try to have a few different optional activities so that everyone can try to find something theyre interested in. Nothing is absolutely required to be participated in. Even the Tutorial can be exited early via tutorial exit although it introduces some of our features right off the bat. Want to try your Hand at being the Richest Man on server We have an Economy. Want to start a Town and rule a Nation We have Towny. Try out tgui for easy access. Feel like getting a boost by raising your stats We have Mcmmo. Gardening Try collecting all of the New Plants from the Exotic Gardens Extension. We also have several custom plugins to help out around the server such as our own CE System. guide SociPeri has its own Ranking System with several different Ranklines based on various activities. Each rank comes with its own perks and rewards so whether youre a farmer or a Fighter you can find a rankline youre interested in. Other Features include a Unique Portal System, Resource World, Alt-World Iuvem, Treasure Tokens, Tag system and others to discover and enjoy Non-Customs Plugin List Towny, Mcmmo, Exotic Gardens, CMI, Shop, SimplePets, DeluxeChat, DeluxeTags TrailGui

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