We are very excited to be getting new players and staff online to make our community known to new people. With Excellant Staff Members that will always be there to answer any problems or even answers. Just make sure that they arent busy and theyll be right there to help you. All new players please make sure to follow the rules and also say welcome the first thing when you join, that will make us actually look and say Hey new players, Lets welcome him and make sure he is noticed. We will be accepted staff applications with good detail and it needs to show that you put time and effort into it. We need to have your skype just so you know. Please be aware that we are a W. I. P. and hope to be done very shortly. We are Semi Op, with Drop Parties, Rank givaways, Crate Keys and More So please be aware Welcome Again Forum Manager Co-OwnerKingRango And Co-Owner Kacqerr

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