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WE ARE COMPLETELY COMPATIBLE WITH ANY VERSION 1.8.8 Ascendance PvP A Hardcore Faction PvP MMO Experience Ascendance PvP is the long-term project of Adorm, a veteran Faction PvP player who experienced Minecraft in its glory days back in 2011 and 2012 when Faction PvP was an emerging genre. In an endeavor to develop a unique, yet nostalgic Faction PvP experience, Ascendance PvP was born. Our team is dedicated to providing players of the Faction PvP genre an intensive, genuine, and exhilarating competitive experience in Minecraft - as well as providing an outlet to an excellent community of people Our spawn which was constructed over the course of nine months is the cornerstone of a server which was meticulously built to provide players with an immersive atmosphere and community to build, socialize, play, and of course, fight in. Our community operates through Meta-Factions which players align themselves to, each Meta-Faction has their own district within Spawn which is inclusive to members of their faction. Although Sub-Factions may share a Meta-Faction, they are not prevented from warring one another - but they are encouraged to cooperate against their enemy Meta-Factions. Ascendance PvP combines elements of traditional Faction PvP with the immersive roleplaying atmosphere of the MMO Genre, implementing quests, dungeons, PvP Arenas, a rich Lore, as well as an economy which is structured to encourage specialization in one of 9 Major Markets in the struggle for economic supremacy. Work your way through the ranks of your Meta-Faction, become the prominent power in the world, struggle for economic superiority all while living and competing in a vibrant world in which four major powers struggle for dominance. Asendance PvP is a branch project of the gaming community known as The Ascendant Core, a community of friends which play a multitude of games where anyone and everyone is welcome to join. Our Discord is httpsdiscord.ggCXZ5ZRZ Key Features - Meta-Factions - Dungeons, Arenas, Quests, Tournaments - Player Housing - Hardcore Faction PvP - Unique Economy, Optimized Economy - Rich Lore - Meticulously Crafted - Active and Honorable Staff. - ViaVersion allows us to have members of any Minecraft Version above 1.8.8 Join us today Sincerely, The Ascendance PvP Administration

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