1.14.2 The Club Economy SMP McMMO Bosses Whitelisted

1.14.2 The Club  Economy  SMP  McMMO  Bosses Whitelisted

e Club is a friendly, whitelsited community. We have regular events such as, PvP, Spleefing and Capture the Flag. You can either go out in to the world and start your own base, or, you can join an existing town which sells lots for you to build on. Start your own shop and sell unique products that are in demand and make money. We started as just a group of friends playing on the server, then we started letting more people in. We are happy with the stage the server is at and just simply want to have a normal Minecraft Survival Server, with a few plugins which enchance the gameplay, such as, ChestShop, Economy and Boss which allows us to have custom bosses in the server with valuable loot. TO JOIN THE SERVER JOIN OUR DISCORD AT httpsdiscord.ggbDqUayp

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