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You wake up in a jail cell. The smell of the sewerage fills the room, seeing that their are sewers running through the cell you are locked in. You can hear the moans and cries of the other mobs that are locked up with you. The conditions in your cell are unsanitary and inhumane. You remember back to the old world. Everything was calm and normal. The supernatural beings were in truce with the humans and peace was among the citystowns. Thats when you were jailed, for helping a clan of corrupt witchs overrun a human faction. You hear a cannon boom above your cell. What is this Has a war started above the underground prison you are located in You then feel a giant gust of wind push you back. Where did it come from You turn around only to see that in your cell, a portal has opened Assuming a witch opened it, you enter with hopes of it leading out. Through several dimensions you travel, thus into the Magic Keeper realm. You feel a surge of adrenaline running through your blood. It is magic. You start getting drowsy and black out. You wake up in the familiar town of Isenguard. But something is different. It used to be a human town, but now their are none in sight. All you see is vampires, witchswarlocks and other supernatural beings. There are flags raised around the town that read Magic Keepers Realm. You walk around the town, feeling a urge to become powerful. There is a goblin at the town hall preaching to a small group of creatures about the overwhelming amount of power the MagicKeepers have, and that he is worried they could destroy the whole world. You are confused, but you know one thing. You want power. The rest is up to you. Find spells, gather followers, create kingdoms, become powerful, fight with or against the MagicKeepers. Do as you please. Become a thief, or a scholar. Go An adventure is waiting for you.

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