Hello, and welcome to The Seasoned Gamers Server. We hope you enjoy your stay here. To help you to have the best experience while you are here we have provided a list of rules that MUST be followed. Breaking of these rules will lead to an automatic ban from the server. These rules will be on display in the Town Hall Tower as well as in this book. You will need to sign the provided declaration book to show that you agree to them. Failure to do so will mean a removal from the server. Rules 1. No PVP unless in the designated PVP arena. PVP outside of the arena will be classed as harrassment. 2. No stealing. Please ask BEFORE you take. Stealing items is not polite. Enderchests will be provided, please use them for your valuables. 3. No griefing. Unless you have the players express permission, no NOT break another players build. 4. Do not break or tamper with existing xp farms, crop farms, mob grinders etc. These are here to enhance the players experience. 5. Do not build redstone contraptions which make the server lag. If you are unsure of whether your build may cause lag please see RecklessKonduct and he will be able to advise you. 6. Please be courteous to your fellow gamers. Name calling, bullying and rudeness will NOT be tolerated. Discipliary Procedure If you break a rule you will be given a warning and a chance to rectify your mistake. If you continue to break the rules after this you will be banned from the server with no appeal. Please now sign the declaration book and give it to Darianna the server Mod We hope you enjoy your stay. Welcome once again to the TSG family. x

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The seasoned gamers 1.10.2
Website http://www.theseasonedgamers.com/
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Submitted 2016-08-20 11:44:40

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