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Welcome to DHPVP This tutorials purpose is to give new players up and running quickly with a detailed Heroes tutorial if needed. If you are unfamiliar with Heroes, I suggest reading the whole thing. Choosing a Hero There are 5 different Starter Heroes, that are commonly referred to as Tier 1s. They each represent a unique style of gameplay. For more detailed information regarding each Hero, click on the names, and explore their Specialties, or as most people call them, Specs. ARCHER ROUGE PRIEST BLADE MAGE Dont forget, at the bottom of each Hero page, their Tier 2s, or Specs, are listed. The aim of Tier 2s is to explore the diversity of a Tier 1. For example, Rogues are generally mobile, have high damage crits, and are skilled with blades. The current 3 Specs of Rogue delve into those 3 things and make them something Unique. Once youve found a Hero you think you would like to play, type hero choose classname And then hero confirm And Voila You have begun your journey. Choosing a Profession The next important thing you must do is choose a Profession. There are currently 4 Professions to choose from. The aim of Professions is to A. Reward non-combat play, B. Provide a way for players to make money, and C. Provide special unlocks for players that reach a high enough level in their profession. To learn what Heroes are currently available to starters, type hero paths When you type this, youd see that the 4 Professions are MINER ENCHANTER LUMBERJACK FARMER And the Specs for each Professions are these MINER turns into BLACKSMITH ENCHANTER turns into INFUSER LUMBERJACK turns into BOWYER FARMER turns into SURVIVALIST Once youve thought over what Profession youd like to be, you must now Choose it. The command for choose Professions is as follos hero prof Profession And then hero confirm All this information can be discovered by you as well, using certain commands. There is also even more detailed information you can obtain. Here are some commands that pertain to information gathering hero paths hero specs classname This command shows the Specs of a specific Class. skills classname Shows the Skills that a specific class can learn. Mouse over the next to a skill to read what it does. hero armor classname hero tools classname Shows what a specific hero can use as armor weapons, and shows the damage values for weapons it can use. Using these commands, it is easy to find out details about Heroes. Now that youve chosen your Heroes, its time to start learning how to use what your Hero can do. Youve already learned to use the skills command. Lets pretend youve chosen MAGE as a primary Hero. You type skills and see that the skill Fireball is green and ready to be used. There are two ways to use skills skill SkillName When you use this command, it will use the selected skill if possible. bind SkillName When you use this command and are holding an Item in your hand, you will be able to use that skill whenever you right click holding that item. Now, youre done with the Basics of Heroes. If youd like to learn more about Heroes and the RPG elements it represents, click on this ADVANCED HEROES TUTORIAL

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DHPVP Minecraft Minigames...
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