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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: Nide is your place to do what ever you want, the server has a more medieval/steam punk tone so keep that in mind when forging alliances and building nations. Set in a new land, you awaken in a mysterious Inn located near a vast ocean and endless forests. Ready for the new world you set off to create new friendships, alliances, kingdoms, and rivals. Join this glorious new world and create something amazing out of this world! Or watch the world tremble at the sight of your hands. Server IP: Server Website: work in progress Server Rules: 1. No griefing 2. No chat spamming 3. No large 1x1 towers 4. No spawn killing 5. Respect the mods/admins 6. Respect the wilderness Stealing and raiding is allowed. Server overview/plugin info: Gold ingots are the currency, you can use /deposit amnt to deposit gold ingots that are in your inventory into your vault. A vault is a user created chest that holds all your currency so it may be held safely and used at chest shops/ for towny purposes. To create the chest you must place a sign on the block directly behind and above the chest and enter [vault] on the first line. Thats it. Keep in mind other players can enter your vault and take out your gold. Towny allows you to create your own protected land and create plots to sell to potential citizens. We encourage you to have some sort of light RP involved in the creation of your town and possibly nation. Town Requirements: - Atleast 4 active members - Short paragraph or two on the lore to your town to be posted in forums - 100 gold ingots Nation Requirements: - Atleast two active towns - Both towns need to have atleast 6 active members - 250 gold ingots Chestshops is another great plugin we are happy to have installed, it allows players to create shops by placing a sign on the block one back and one above a chest and then typing the following: line 1: line 2:item amount example: 64 line 3:cost example: 2 line 4:item name example: cobblestone This allows players to create shops around the world and adds an incentive to explore other peoples nations in search of cheaper prices or more items to purchase/new markets to sell to. Portcullis is a plugin that allows anyone to create gates using wooden fences. All you have to do is add a redstone current to the block adjacent to the gate you have created. Once powered the gate will rise or fall depending on your gates orientation/design. Donor´╝Ü There are 4 levels of donations, each with various perks. If you want /home /sethome you do have to donate atleast 5, with each level the cooldown for those commands will decrease. Plugins installed on server: Towny, Portcullis, Vault, Gringot, Chestshop

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Nide Minecraft
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