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We are a server started in July of 2014 MineCraft-Server17 is a server owned and run by AdamTheMan23. We are a faction PvP server with many, many custom plugins to make the game more enjoyable and Unique for you all. Here is a little bit about some of our plugins! Races: Races is our most Unique plugin on MineCraft-Server17, upon first joining the server, you will be prompted with a GUI (Chest Inventory) with 3 things in it, these are the 3 races you can chose from. The 3 races are: Dragonborn Elf WereWolf When you first joined, if you didn't chose a race, it's not a problem. Relog and it will prompt you again. NOTE: Once you have chosen your race, you cannot change it unless the server resets or unless you purchase a new race on our buycraft. Each Race has an active ability, and a passive abilities. Active abilities can we summoned by holding SNEAK down for 3 seconds, but watch out, they have a cooldown of 3 minutes. Passive abilities always happen, but in some races they only happen during certain times. Example: Werewolf gets Strength 1 at night. Dragonborn: Dragonborn's Active is breathing fire in a line infront of you. Dragonborn's Passive is having fire resistance. Elf: Elf's Active is summoning 3 volleys of flaming arrows in a circle. Elf's Passive is having Speed 1 on Grass. Werewolf: Werewolf's Active is doing damaging and causing blindness, nausea, and weakness in an area around you. Werewolf's Passive is having Strength 1 at night. Next plugin: Staffs Staffs is another very unique plugin that allows the use of Magic Staffs. These staffs can be purchased using MineCraft-Server17 Tokens, which you can get from voting or donating. Next plugin: Custom Potions Custom Potions allows you to get potions at the tokenshop, that do more than one thing! Do /tokenshop for more info! Next plugin: DragonArmor Dragon Armor allows you to get special armor from the tokenshop. You get this armor by trading Dragon Scales with the villagers at /tokenshop. Every time you break a block, theres a 1/2000 chance that you will get a dragon scale. If you have a full set of dragon armor, you can glide while in the air. Next plugin: Magic Pliers Magic Pliers can be obtained by trading MineCraft-Server17 tokens at /tokenshop. If you click a spawner with these pliers, the spawner will drop. NOTE: They do not work on Blaze Spawners, and they MUST be at full durability to work.

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