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Welcome to Deadwood Penitentiary! IP: Rules: Deadwood is a prison server, and like most prison servers... we strive to make your experience as unenjoyable as possible. We know you did nothing wrong, but we still like to treat you like a filthy animal. You may think this sounds a little harsh, but lets be honest... no one logs into a prison server for a back massage. Join Deadwood today, and we promise you'll regret it! As the server's community continues to grow, development will continue to make gameplay as smooth and enjoyable as possible. The staff works very hard to bring as much content as possible for you and thanks you for all support! Failure to follow the server rules WILL result in a ban -No mods enabling an unfair advantage over other players -Do not grief areas you are permitted to build in -Do not excessively spam the chat -Do not abuse glitches Failure to follow the prison rules will result in an in-game punishment (not ban) -Racist / Offensive speech will result in getting muted -Advertising other servers will result in getting muted -Guards will kill anyone who hits another player (regardless of who started it) -Hiding in Non-PVP after a guard tags you can get you jailed -A guard will ask you to hand over any contraband if they see them... (Swords, bows, arrows, drugs, negatives potions, explosives) Use /rankup to advance to the next rank C-Block (Default Rank) Every new prisoner is sent to C-Block by default. Whether they are a guard or not, people will observe every last move you make here. Keep a close eye to your surroundings and avoid staying in PVP Zones for too long. If you get bored of work, a brutal game of Team Deathmatch can always be joined next to the bank. B-Block: Costs $7,500 You still got a long way to go, but on the bright side... atleast you're out of the gutter, right? In B-Block you will find life inside not as harsh, mines will have more to offer, and criminal violence will not occur as often as before. Capture The Flag is also unlocked at this rank. A-Block: Costs $25,000 With the mob farm, unique mines and Search & Destroy unlocked... making money will be a piece of cake! You have been proving yourself an obedient prisoner, keep up the good work and you'll be free in no time! Elite-Block: Costs $50,000 Look at you. Just look you. You started from the bottom, and now you're here. Here you'll have access to ore infested mines, Free For All, and can smell freedom cooking. Free: Costs $100,000 Congratulations! You have now officially earned your authoritah! The filthy peasants still locked up in prison cant help but want to be you. The wenches stuck with the peasants gaze upon you and wish they could be with you! As a free player, you'll be able to find exclusive shops, mines, gamemodes and you'll have access to all to the new content developers add as the server is updated. Trainee: Congratulations on being accepted to the guard team! You will be expected to demonstrate nothing less than perfection now. When we see your ability to inject fear into the prisoners, a promotion will be right around the corner! Guard: You are now a full time guard! Only the most deranged prisoners will dare to challenge you now, and your service is greatly appreciated by the Server's staff. Keep up the great work! Head Guard: Your sincere devotion to the server has been recognized by the community and you have earned the glorious title of HeadGuard. You posses the power to ban filthy peasents, and your recommendations will increase a player's chance of becoming a Trainee. Your authoritah is damn near unchallenged. Warden: These are the social rejects that sold their soul to this server in order to make this prison a thing.

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The DeadWood Penitentiary
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