Xi Quadrant Resonant Rise

Server IP - rr.xiquadrant.co.uk
Xi Quadrant Resonant Rise

Server Rules: * Use common sense * Don't grief * Respect each other **What is this server?** The Xi Quadrant Resonant Rise is a no changes, no plugins, fresh out the box server. We decided for this server to do it from scratch. There is no fancy built spawn and no crazy plugin list that decides what you can do, where you can build etc... Instead we feel that as a community we can build together. We want to work with all of our players to *build* the server. Rather than build it all ourselves beforehand to make the server look pretty or appealing. On our servers we ask that users play together rather than the lone ranger. This doesn't mean that users can't play alone, it just means that we feel that it is great to share resources, create public buildings and facilities and make a server where no one person is overpowered compared to the rest. The server grows with it's users. For this iteration of the server we ahve decided to use no custom recipes and no plugins at all in the beginning and instead we are opting to change based on our user feedback. We ask that whenever one of our players has an opinion on what could change on the server they let us know so that we can see what the rest of the community feels and, if there is a large enough fanbase for the subject, change the server to include the suggestion. **What is Xi Quadrant?** We started our as two friends who used to be moderators for a larger community. We left because the administration for the server decided that they didn't care what the users wanted or thought about the server and were gonna make any changes they wanted whether or not anyone disagreed. We wanted to make a site that stayed away from that train of thought and instead focused on what the users actually wanted. We are all about feedback, suggestions and ideas. We were later joined by another former member of that site who is our now helps to maintain our custom modpack. At the current time we are running Resonant Rise as well as a custom modpack called "The Sandbox" which we update regularly. We are planning on also including FTB Infinity in the very near future so that we can have a variety instead of just the one pack. We feel that mature is best and so we try to keep our userbase age at 17+. **How can I get in touch?** There are multiple ways to get in touch: Application - If you want to apply for any of our whitelist's you can use the form found at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Vff61XeSXJuEAWdYbS0OZIN1y7GR2TJs4BkLjcY4w_8/viewform?usp=send_form#start=invite and if you are successful a post will be made on the forums letting you know you have been accepted. This moves onto our second point of call: Our forums - We ask that every user of our servers is registered on our forums and that they try to be active on there as much as possible. There aren't many posts on there as of yet but we feel that when people start posting topics the rest will follow. For a whitelist application to be accepted users must be registered on our forums and have created an introduction post letting everyone know who they are. Teamspeak - We have a teamspeak server! Most evenings we can be found sitting on there and anyone can join with no password protection. Even if you aren't whitelisted the teamspeak is open to you. **What if I have an issue?** You're in luck, we have our own issue reporting form that can be used by anyone on the website. Just fill it out with as much information as you can and we will try to fix the issue as soon as humanly possible.

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Xi Quadrant Resonant Rise
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Server IP rr.xiquadrant.co.uk
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Website http://xiquadrant.co.uk
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