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What is Factions Factions is a popular Player-versus-Player Minecraft Survival game mode which allows players to team up into Factions and fight, kill, raid, and pillage opposing factions and their bases. While raiding stealing and griefing are part of the game on a Factions server, they are limited by who you choose to fight and war with - you have to actively be fighting with another faction in order for your factions base to become open to raid and grief. Why choosing Faction Realms over others It is because we are introducing a unique mechanism where all the claimed faction land of yours is griefing limited, and that is what make us stand out from all the existing servers. How is Griefing Limited Griefing and raiding can only be done if a faction is weakened. As long as a faction maintains enough Power to keep control over its claimed land, nobody can grief it or raid it. But if enough PvP combat takes place that reduces the overall Power of the faction to a level that is below the number of claimed chunks the faction has, an enemy faction can come in and unclaim some chunks, or even claim them as their own Chunks can only be unclaimed from the outside-in. This means that if your Faction has 16 power but you have 17 chunks claimed, an enemy cannot just come in and unclaim the center chunk of your base. They must first unclaim an outer chunk, only working into your base if your Power continues to drop.

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Faction Realms
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