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UltiCraft Few Rules, Millions of Plugins, Factions, SlimeFun. The UltiByte Server is a Factions Survival server with SlimeFun made by plugin-reviewer YouTubers UltiByte, with loads of fun awesome plugins, where the typical play-strategy is Join, make a faction, build a base, invite your friends to join your faction, take over other factions bases and steal their resources, become more powerful, become rich, and reach world domination Well.. most dont manage that last bit. Most. Building - No Overbearing Regulations On our server you can build virtually anywhere except for on top of the spawn and in other peoples factions land. Factions, SlimeFun, more Found a faction and take over the world with Factions, and craft and find crazy itemsfromBackpacks to Jetpacks with SlimeFun No Payments. We hate servers who try to fleece their players of money, on our server donations are completely optional and will give no material advantages in-game. Were not pay-to-win even remotely. Loads of Crazy Plugins that YOU CAN USE Unlike most other servers, you can actually use tonnes of the plugins we have on our server by default, including making TNT arrows, worshipping gods with perks, brewing alcohol, and even having a nickname See below for a list of our plugins. Your Spawn has Resources and Materials The current new spawn for players always has enough resources for new players - if it runs out, the spawn moves automatically And you can always do newestregion to teleport to the current spawn point of new players Factions - World Domination Ever fancied warring with other nations in Minecraft to take over their land, base and loot Weve removed the fun-restricting regulations most other servers have on this, so you can attack them with full force too, and blow up their private chests if you manage to take over their land to take their loot and money Join now IP The more players we have on, the more members factions can have and the more factions there are to take over. So invite your friends too Global Dynamic Item Market On our server, you can buy and sell items to the server for profit anywhere And their prices fluctuate with supply and demand by players. So if everybody wants diamonds, the price of diamonds will rise. And if someone finds a huge diamond loot and sells them all, the price of diamonds will fall Take Advantage of all the Crazy Stuff we have on here Volcanoes, Alcohol which makes you drunk, TNT arrows, Eggs to catch mobs and release them on your enemies including Ghasts, all mobs reproduce and evolve, the list goes on and were adding more all the time. Do plugins Yes we actually let you do that, to see all the crazy stuff we have on that you can use. The more plugins you take advantage of, the better youll do Tonnes of loot There is honestly loot all over the place - abandoned bases, coffins with dead players loot, ore-towers, and random finds - so join quick to take them before everybody else does We even listen to your suggestions If you think we should add a plugin to the server, or change something about a plugin we have on, well actually consider your suggestion and decide whether or not to do it. Some of the plugins we have on came from suggestions. And Look out for Volcanoes UltiCraft is the official server of UltiByte on YouTube - a channel by two guys built mainly on Bukkit plugin reviews. Some Awesome Plugins we have Google these Alchemical Arrows 2, AutoMobNamer in-house plugin, Blood, Brewery, ChatFeelings, ColoredAnvils, ColorList, ColouredChat, CommandTokens in-house plugin, Condemn in-house plugin, DynamicMobKillRewards in-house plugin, EggCatcher, FactionMobs, Factions, Gringotts, HealthBar, LetItRain, Lockette, MobArena, ObsidianAuctions, PlayerHeads, PopulationDensity, ScoreboardStats, SignColors, SilkSpawners, TreeAssist, UltiGraves in-house plugin, UltiMarket in-house plugin, Volcano, WorldBorder, and many more More added regularly Join now IP Final Note We film our videos for our YouTube channel on here, so by joining the server you agree to allow videoaudio footage of your character or any of its outputs eg. chat, movement etc. to be broadcast on YouTube without notice.

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The UltiByte Server
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