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Potion PvP - Our Potion PvP is amazingly fun! On Potion PvP its extremely unique, we have lowered hit delay, the exact opposite of 1.9. And donors do not have an advantage, as regular players can get donor kits too! Soup PvP - Our Soup PvP is the prize of our server! We have 36 different custom kits. You get money on kills that can be used to obtain better kits. No kit has an advantage over another, the best kit depends on how you like to play! Parkour - We have over 5000 jumps! In our parkour we have rewards for completing challanges! We have multiple courses that vary in difficulty so everyone can have fun! We do not believe in Pay To Win - Although we do have donor kits, which are not so strong that nothing can beat them! Uptime - We are up 99.9% of the time, 24/7 The other 0.01% is restarts and the occasional crash which are almost immediatly being handled. Hackers - We almost always have at least a mod on, that can contact an Admin/Owner practically instantly! We may not have lives, but that benefits you! You don't have to worry about your new favorite server being filled to the brim with hackers! Hostile People (Ragers, Noob Callers, Etc.) - What's the next worse thing to a hacker? Someone spamming the chat with "NOOB" We do all we can to prevent these people from runing your day! These people are muted, and if they keep on being well, hostile, then they can get tempariliy banned! Runners - We do everything in PvP's power to prevent people from running! Don't you hate those guys that run in PvP because they do not want to lose their awesome armor? We do to. We do not have any reason to run. You do not lose money on death. You only can refill soups or potion on kills. There are no signs to use in the arena that might prompt someone to run to! And you can instantly get any piece of armor back!

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Version CraftBukkit 1.8.8
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