MineHaven - Rebirth

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MineHaven - Rebirth

MineHaven - Rebirth is a FactionRPG mix server that encourages mature game-play, with a focus on the rebirth of a once great community of players. On the MineHaven server, we encourage the construction of beautiful and magnificent buildings, as well as the competitive nature that Factions brings to the server. MineHaven - Rebirth isnt just about playing Minecraft. Although our website and community revolves around Minecraft, players are encouraged to come together and experience new things with one another, or to play other games. MineHavens main focus is that of the construction of a living, breathing community. However, on our Minecraft server, some of the key features that MineHaven offers is a balance between PvP and PvE action, unique Races and custom weapons, a SkyBlock world, and community events and deals. We also encourage players to participate in our economy by providing no Admin Shop other than a Bank where you can trade your valuables. Players can rent shops in spawn to sell their extra resources in order to gain money. One of the other things that we pride ourselves on is our community input. Have a suggestion or an idea for the server Have advice to give our staff members about efficiency or staff maturity Want to petition for a players banning or unbanning Whatever it may be, your input will be well respected and considered, as MineHaven is all about the community. Our server is relatively lenient in terms of what you can do. Griefing, raiding, ingame scamming, and generally evil acts are permitted. However, we do not condone any harm coming to the player. That is, we do not accept bullying, racism, hateful speech, or real life threats to our players. Keep everything ingame only. There will not be a time where you will be falsely banned. All banning will be dealt by the server Administrators, provided they have pure evidence and proof, and have given proper warnings beforehand. Other than that, there are the basic rules, such as No advertising other servers, no unfair mods, and no hacks. You can check out our website here www.minehaven-rebirth.enjin.com

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MineHaven - Rebirth
Server Status
Server IP minehaven-rebirth.fluctis.com
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Website http://minehaven-rebirth.enjin.com/
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Submitted 2016-07-25 18:54:54

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