Server IP - play.rawritscraft.com

Welcome to RawrItsCraft! The friendly staff of RawrItsCraft welcome you to the new OP Prison Server! It's a new op prison server that has been in the development for almost 3 month now and it's finally ready! Some updates may still happen to give our players the best experience they look for when join a new server! The staff are friendly and helpful towards every player even if you've hand any sort of bad experience with any of them. You may also apply for staff at our forums http://rawritscraft.com under staff application. If you find anyone breaking the rules below you may report them at our website but screen shot or video proof is needed. Report at http://rawritscraft.com on the tab report under the forums page. RULES No Advertising of any sort of server if it includes your friend please message them or else it counts as advertising. (Failure to do this may lead to a temporary/permanent mute) No Hacking or Any Mod that is not permitted on the server (Modified/Illegal Client may result in a permanent Ban. You May Buy an unban at the shop if you do you will be under watch. Not permitted mods may also result on a temporary ban either from 1-3 days.) No spamming (Spamming in the server will get you a temporary mute depending on how much you spam. Average Temp Mute 1-3 days) Respect One And Others (Failure to respect one another may result in a temporary/permanent mute or depending on the situation may also lead to a permanent Ban) No Asking For Ranks (Bothering a staff member may result in a temporary mute 1-5 hours) Don't Abuse Glitches (Abusing glitches in the server may result in a player data reset or a temporary ban. Note: Player Reset WILL keep your rank you have bought if so) Don't Threat To Hack (Do NOT threat to hack to DDoS Another player or any other form of hacking. Result In Threating WILL result in a permanent ban without being able to buy an unban - Server Takes Hacking Threats Very Serious)

Coming Soon!

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Server Status
Server IP play.rawritscraft.com
Players 0/0
Last Ping 12846 minutes ago
Website http://rawritscraft.com
Country United States United States
Rank 2770
Votes 0
Submitted 2016-02-10 03:32:23


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