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Server Information IP Website Discord httpsdiscord.ggSNX2kEd Were hosting a BETA week to flatten bugs, glitches and issues to do with the server. Every user who participates in the BETA week will receive a BETA Kit on release. Users who identify bugs, glitches or other issues will receive store credit in game items upon release. Were looking to host the beta week on Saturday 13th January at 4pm EST. Some of the aspects you may want to test or look into are Economy Errors Duping Glitches Custom plugins Cannoning Hit Detection Lag Machines Spawner Upgrades Overall server performance Anything which may impact negatively upon server release Below you will find the release notes for the BETA week. FTop Prizes, grace periods and release dates will be different on the official release. BETA Week General Information Releasing on Saturday 13th January at 4pm EST Grace Period will end Sunday 14th January at 4pm EST TNT will be free during the BETA week only. Map will end Saturday 20th January at 4pm EST Crate Keys will not transfer over to the official release but everything else will including ranks, kits and perks Server Version allows 1.7 Clients BETA Week Bug Finding Information Small Bug Rewards 5 Store Credit Medium Bug Rewards 10 Store Credit Big Bug Rewards 15 Store Credit Bugs may only be redeemed by one player First person to report the bug will get the reward BETA Week FTop Prizes 1. 20 PayPal 50 Buycraft 2. 10 PayPal 25 Buycraft 3. 30 Buycraft Screenshot will be taken exactly 4pm EST on Saturday 20th January BETA Week Release Information BETA Week World Sizes Overworld Border 10k x 10k - Visible Border Hell Border 3k x 3k - Visible Border Can place Water Heaven Border 3k x 3k - Visible Border Space Border 3k x 3k - Visible Border BETA Week Factions Information 50 Players Per Faction 100 Power Per Player 20 Chunk Wall Buffer Bitch Claims arent allowed during grace period Maximum of 4 accounts per IP Maximum 2 Allies f top Shows richest factions on the server f upgrade Upgrade Growth Rates, Special Abilities Spawners f inspect Inspect blocks chests in your territory to see who brokeplaced them f missions Activite faction missions which give you cool rewards f coleader Give your faction a Co-Leader f access Claim ownership of chunks in your territory which you can add other members too f fly Everyone can fly in their own territory f duel Create a 5v5 faction wager against an enemy faction f cow Buy a cow for 100k and your faction will be able to right-click with glass bottles to get Splash Potion of Instant Health II BETA Week General Commands ce Open a Custom Enchantment Menu gen Purchase Generation Buckets item Shows the item name deion of what youre holding shop Opens the server shop ah Opens the server Auction House to buy other players items tntfill Fills dispensers with TnT from your inventory in a 32 block radius BETA Week General Information Obsidian takes 5 shots of TnT to break Bedrock takes 500 shots of TnT to break KoTH takes place every 6 hours 247 Outpost to buysell your items for better value Autosell void chests are available to buy which automatically sell your items CropHoppers allow cactus from a chunk to go directly into the CropHopper Crafting fishing rods will automatically make your fishing rod into a ranked fishing rod which will grant you special rewards when fishing Custom Mob Drops Villager, Enderman Creeper Water doesnt break or destroy redstone, redstone torches, repeaters or comparators SellWands allow you to right click a chest to instantly sell everything inside AutoSell Void Chests allow you to sit back and allow your items in a chest to be sold These are just some of our many features that we offer, so if youre intrigued to find out more, wed love to see you on As this is our first release, even though this is just BETA, were really excited to see how it will go. If you have any questions whatsoever, make sure to contact a member of staff, preferably a Manager or Owner and wed be happy to help. Many Thanks, Oxyrise Staff Team

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BETA Oxyrise
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