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NEW SERVER - NO RULES - VANILLA SURVIVAL - HARD DIFFICULTY - RELAXING - NO MAP RESETS - UNLIMITED MAP IP - Forum mc4ever.freeforums.org Greetings and welcome to 4ever, a server that isnt trying to be the best server on Earth We simply aim to host a Minecraft server that runs well and provides an atmosphere of freedom and relaxation. No staff are present to look over your shoulder or to give you free stuff, we are trying to craft a server where there is a good balance between those who like to use hack clients and those who choose not to. Although we do allow many hacks we try to prevent people from flying and using other hacks that ruin the survival experience, dont worry though, we wont ban or kick you if you try to beat the anti-cheat. With the above in mind, do be aware that most players who connect end up happily building away millions of blocks out and have no intention of ruining your day wiv der hax, oh yeah the map is unlimited and is very generous with the ores too. We currently have a very small and relaxed community of weirdos that enjoy building, if you are the same way out and have a strangeness level that is over 9000 then please join us. Spawn is a free for all at the moment, it has been wrecked but someone keeps trying to repair it... and someone keeps messing it back up again, we recommend you leave spawn as fast as possible If you are a builder then you will be extremely happy to know that there are no map resets EVER If you build far enough away and you dont invite complete mongs into your base then your builds will last forever hence the name but do be aware, there are no plugins protecting your blocks, you have to be resourceful and smart if you want to protect your stuff There are no teleports, no home, no spawn and no tpa commands. Nether travel is highly recommended The owner likes to play in survival and hates server problems as much as anyone else, we have chosen to keep the server as free of plugins as possible, we are using the latest Spigot and our server uses premium hardware only

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