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Piper Survival

Piper is a hybrid server offering access to ridiculous amounts of ViP cake level top plugin access but without any ViP ranks. 1100 spells, pets, massive multiple type claims, industrious gaming, pvp, creative, survival seperate worlds. Massive player exp with jobs, op utility effects and mechanics, extreme customisation. No launcher or modpack required. Join and help us build a community. Ranks are automatic, claims are many, freedom is maxed. MC Version 1.11.2 Plugins 53 GroupManager, FastCraftPlus, CoreProtect, dynmap, WorldEdit, UnlimitedRecipes, ClearLag, WorldBorder, Votifier, Multiverse-Core, ProtocolLib, Zenchantments, mcMMO, GAListener, Vault, MassiveCore, PerWorldInventory, LWC, HolographicDisplays, WorldGuard, SignLogger, RandomTeleport, PlayerVaults, dynmap-structures, MagicSpells, MagicSpellsShop, Essentials, Autorank, Towny, Jobs, PreciousStones, EssentialsChat, MyPreciousStone, HolographicExtension, ChestShop, Dynmap-Essentials, Factions, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsGeoIP, EssentialsAntiBuild, LandValue, EssentialsSpawn, MyPet, SilkSpawners, CS-CoreLib, Slimefun, Barrels, SlimeXpansion, ExoticGarden, SoulJars, SlimefunOres, SlimeCalculator, SlimeScrapEssentialsProtect, EssentialsGeoIP, EssentialsAntiBuild, LandValue, EssentialsSpawn, MyPet, SilkSpawners, CS-CoreLib, Slimefun, Barrels, SlimefunGuidePlus, ExoticGarden, SoulJars, SlimefunOres, SlimeScrap RULES Please do not attempt to lag the server. Ever. Staff will assist but are limited availability at the moment. Be extremely careful if you are given World Edit permissions. Horribly inefficient grinders may be adjusted or even wiped. Be considerate regarding the use of laggy SF items. Careful. No swearing, mantrums, attention demanding or caps rage. If you have difficulty with a plugin or another player, ask staff. Please, allow us to maintain a family safe server environment. Please, do not ask for items, ranks, permissions or plugins. OTHER TAGS Creative city world, PvP with kits, OP items, 90 Custom Enchantments, Time based ranks, Rank up to staff, Hidden map treasures, OP Custom Mypets, Massive inventories, sell hand sell all Giant Exp and Economy system, buy spells, custom smelting, custom crafting, massively custimised jobs, jobs unlock skills, super fast smelting with auto Exp, Giant admin shop, Biome warps interface, Freedom Slimefun access, freebuild, build and claim anywhere, brilliant map seed, custom mobs, many custom drops, friendly staff, recruiting moderators, 20gb dedicated ram, EU pro 192 slot hosted server, random teleport, Giant trees, Giant caves, massive mineshafts, ride any mob Join.

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Piper Survival
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Players 0/0
Last Ping 29 minutes ago
Website https://pipersurvival.enjin.com/
Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Rank 365
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Submitted 2016-11-07 20:18:51

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