EmpiresMC 4.0

Server IP - empires.dmch.nl

▃ ▅ ▇ █ EMPIRES 4.0 █ ▇ ▅ ▃ ============================================================================================== This is a brand new server that has existed in multiple forms before. There will be a big map and around 5 teams with one territory for each team. Each team has to build its own empire out of that! Build your own castles, farmlands, traps or anything else you wish! You can do anything you want, build, fight, trade and more! There will also be epic battles between the empires. We are all part of a little community, in other words we are all here to have fun with each other! After a little while, you will get to know everyone on the server :) We had the 3 previous "Empires servers" which were a huge success but we stopped when it started to get less fun. We have done everything to prevent that this time! This is like an improved version of all the versions we had before. This time the map is different. There is one huge ocean with 5 big islands in there which are separated by it. In the middle there is a spawn/safezone to trade and have fun with other empires without the worry of being attacked! You are allowed to raid the other team, but remember, there are rules and be nice because we are all friends. This server is searching for active members who accept the rules and won't bully others. We will make sure that all the 5 empires will have enough members so you won't be on your own! Just to warn you, make sure whenever you are doing something, there is a chance of an enemy watching you... ============================================================================================== Some information: ============================================================================================== -The map will be 2500x2500 and every empire has a 750x750 territory. -There are 5 empires/teams with their own corresponding unique biomes. -There is a safezone in the middle with a few islands around for trading and getting resources. -The gameplay will feel like normal vanilla. -The empires will be protected so other empires can't break blocks and open your chests. On the other hand though, they can use TNT and place blocks. -The end and nether are no-mans land. -The server is in 1.8. -Every Empire elects their leader and can set up their own governments. -The map is made with Worldpainter so we can make the map the way you want. -The world isn't unlimited by using a world order to prevent lag of unnecessary loaded chunks and give everyone an equal amount of unique space. -The server won't be whitelisted, but all the random people joining will have spectator mode to look around! -You get a few commands like /spawn (Quite long cooldown and delay), /suicide and a teamchat. -You can use the teamchat by using /c (message) or /jgc toggle and type in normal chat to talk in the it. -We got a little teamspeak server! (if interested ask me) -There will be a spawn with a plot for every team to build shops on. That will be a safezone! -We do use McMMO to reward the activity of the players and have some cool aditions. -We have a dynmap to be able to see enemies coming and to have a clear view of the map. You will be invisible Wheeler you sneak, are underground or use an invisible potion. -THE SERVER WILL OPEN IN THE END OF THE WEEK!!! :D ============================================================================================== The teams: ============================================================================================== The empires will be seperated by a big ocean, and some no-mans land. The emperors will be elected during the days of the truce by the members of the empires themselves. -Blue (Ice/Snow) -Yellow (Desert/Mesa/Savannah) -Green (Jungle/Dark Oak) -Red (Mountain/Swamp) -Purple (Taiga/Mushroom) *These colors will be shown in the chat and you can see them when holding tab ============================================================================================== The Rules: ============================================================================================== 1. Don't hack and/or cheat. 2. Don't grief/ruin/steal inside your own empire. 3. No racism and/or bullying. 4. Don't annoy others or undo their work, we are all friends remember ;) 5. Don't oppose the higher ranked people of your empire. SPECIAL RULES: 1. There is truce the first 5 days of the server. 2. Only the leaders of the empires decide when you can attack and when not to. 3. You are only allowed to attack whenever there are 3 or more players of the target empire online. 4. Whenever you attack an empire and the attackers have double or more of the target empires players online, you have to shout "RAID" in the chat before you enter. 5. Do not betray your own team, or help another empire to get to know your secrets. ============================================================================================== How to join? ============================================================================================== Of course you can join the server! We just want some information about you, so we can add you to the server and decide whether this server is something for you. With the information we will just add you to the groupchat/teamchat and we will get to know in what team you want to be :). Sorry but we aim mainly to a more mature audience... What your application should look like: *- Your IGN (In game name): - Your age (optional - to have a possibility to become leader): *- Your Skype (If you don't want to post it here, add me on skype: fabianvd99): - Friend or Empire preferences? (optional): Apply at : http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers/pc-servers/2512265-new-empires-4-0-24-7-1-8-survival-pvp-5-empires ***Register on our website to stay updated: http://empiresmc.enjin.com/*** *=required to join ***Applications will be accepted as soon as possible, so do not spam (actually always within 24 hours)! :) *** ============================================================================================== If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me! :D (Skype: fabianvd99) Thanks for reading! -EmpiresMC

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EmpiresMC 4.0
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Server IP empires.dmch.nl
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