This server is whitelisted and in Beta Testing, Accepting Applicants Feudalism Feudalism was based on personal relationships and ownership of land. There was also a strictly defined class structure. Players on this server would be expected to conform to the class structure, and not everyone would get to be a Knight or Lord. On the other hand, zero social mobility makes for a boring game, so the server concept as it stands has some progression built into it. There would be five basic ranks King, Lord, KnightDuke, Peasant, Serf. These represent the Feudal ranks of land ownership, and are arranged in a pyramid, so a King has several Lords. The King, Lords and Dukes have Knights sworn to them. Dukes have Peasants and Serfs who work their land. The difference between Peasants and Surfs are as follows Surfs are sworn to a duke and cannot leave or be sworn to another Duke. Peasants may travel anywhere in the kingdom and my work for themselves or anyone without needing to swear to a Duke, however, they need permission from a Duke to work for themselves. Ranks in Depth Surf Essentially a slave but has slightly more freedom as they can rise up in rank Do not get paid in currency but necessities Every new player starts out as a Surf Peasant Freedom to go where they want within the kingdom Are paid in currency Can work for themselves with Dukes permission Can work for Dukes or higher Duke Same social rank as some Knights Chosen by Lords to server under them Can give Surfs the right of Peasant Can give Surfs and Peasants Professions Can swear in Knights Can run businesses with Lords permission Can start new towns with Lords Permission Knight Lower knights have same social rank as Duke Knighted by the king Have to be sworn to a King, Lord or Duke Different classes of Knights have different permissions Knights Watch Protect cities and towns Sworn to Dukes Crusader Knights Defenders of Faith Sworn to Faith Knight of the round table Knights of Conquest Sworn to Lords Royal Knight Protect the king and the castle Sworn to Kings Holy Knight Most powerful of all the knights Can command all other knights Sworn to Kings and Lords Knights can work their way up to Holy Knights by performing tasks for Lords Dukes, Lords and Kings decide when their knights can move up the ranks Lord Moderators Chosen by Kings Are assigned land Can start businesses Can assign and command Dukes and all under them. Give Dukes parts of the land they control to form towns Can swear in Knights Manages towns within their assigned land King Admins Runs Kingdom Can command all knights Can knight Knights and swear in Knights Assigns Lords Start Kingdoms Not everyone will become dukes, lords and kings. At any point in time, anyone can defect from the kingdom and run off to do their own thing and start their own town if they have enough money and followers. If they gain enough prestige and accomplish a lot of tasks, they will find their rank increase and could eventually become a King if they are able to create a nation. It is possible to do all this without following the Feudal System, however, it is difficult and will take time. Feudal Economy The server will feature a two-tiered economy. At the Surf level, it would be agrarian and communal. This means they will not be paid in currency but in the necessities of life i.e. food, water etc. Peasants will receive physical, in-game, currency using Gold nuggets Pieces, Gold ingots Bars, Gold Blocks Florins, Emeralds Kloves and Emerald Blocks Kronas. Peasants will be expected to buy things for themselves as well as pay their expenses like everyone else. To summarize, Surfs will rely on the barter system and Peasants and up will rely on physical, in-game, currency. Underpinning this economy will be a plugin called Steve Jobs. Players will be able to learn professions through what they want to do in game, and more professions will become available as they rank up. The higher ranked you become, the more complex blocks you can craft and sell. This being said, Minecraft as you know it will be changed. Not everyone can craft everything anymore. Players will need to rely on other players to be able to accomplish the things they want to do. This also means players have to work together through the economy. For example, if a Duke wants to build a keep, he must buy all his stone from a Stonemason in a town, and distribute it to builders to build it for him, the builders could be his Serfs if they have a building profession or someone he hires instead. The point is to encourage community by encouraging dependent relationships. Self-Service Administration The aim of this server is to use the Feudal system to the admins advantage. That is, players will be empowered within boundaries to run the server on their own. Lords will be able to make fiefs in their own territory, or plots that they can give to their Serfs or Peasants. The admins will have to do very little to make the server work, because power will be devolved to the players themselves. Real-time activities This server will offer a muted version of Minecrafts gameplay. You wont be able to do everything you can do in normal Minecraft - youll need to specialize and find a niche in the society on the server. Its medieval, so there will be no fast travel. Playing on this server will require a lot of patience and investment. Nuts and Bolts These are the plugins the server runs Backpacks BeardStat BookShelf Brewery Chairs ChatEx Citizens Disease EquipControl FacnyRoulette FurnitureLib Gods Gringotts Handcuffs LoreLocks ModifyWorld Movecraft NickNamer PrintingPress RealVillagerTowns Sleep Thirst Werewolf WorldEdit WorldGuard Vampire Pvparena Towny Companies SteveJobs PermissionsEx More to come

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