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Welcome to the NitroMC Towny Store! About NitroMC: NitroMC is a Towny server made for mainly my YouTube Fans! There will be a YouTube video on pretty soon about the server, There is just a random picture right now! Griefing & Raiding is allowed if you can get a hold of them! Use your brain, and you may be able to raid chests VERY easily! Plugins: Announcer bChatManager Buycraft ChestShop Clearlag CommandBook CraftBay EchoPet FakeTroll HealthBar iConomy JailPlusPlus Lockette MassiveCore mcMMO MobArena Modifyworld ngVanish PermissionsEx PlayerHeads SilkSpawners SimpleMail SimpleRegionMarket Sleeper TimTheEnchanter Towny CoreProtect CoreProtect-Anti-Xray By Joining the Server, You're agreeing to the following rules: Member Rules: [1] No Profanity, CAPS, or Spam. (1 hour MUTE) [2] No Hacks, Mods, or anything that will change the game. (7 Day BAN) [3] Respect ALL Staff (2 day BAN) [4] Respect ALL Players (4 day BAN) [5] Don't Impersonate Staff (7 day BAN) [6] Do NOT advertise other servers, websites, ect. (Anything not invlovled with NitroMC) (Permanent BAN) [7] Don't abuse bugs (2 Day BAN) Helper Rules: [1] Everyone gets 3 chat warnings. Mute them after given 3 warnings. (1 hour MUTE) [2] Kick players if necessary. (No Punishment) [3] If you see anyone disobeying other rules besides chat rules, do /mail send BEMGamingFTW (Misbehaved Players Name) with reason of potential BAN. (No Punishment) [4] Follow all Member rules and rules you think are good! (Rank Demote) Moderator Rules: [1] Only Ban People If necessary. (Rank Demoted to Helper) [2] Follow all Member and Helper Rules. (Rank Demoted to Member)

Coming Soon!

NitroMC Server
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